Fairy Elle wakes
to sprinkle tiny positive messages 

Fairy Elle is a reassuring wellness doll. Whether she's comforting children at night or helping to take a worry away Fairy Elle is the perfect magical companion to promote positivity & kindness in your child.

Fairies sleep by day, so put her to sleep during the day (reversible doll)

helping with worries

Fairy Elle is a win/win for parent & child

When children get overwhelmed it's nice to know Fairy Elle is busy spreading tiny positive messages as they sleep.



Welcome to Wellbeville where

Fairy Elle is from

Fairy Elle comes from Wellbeville. It’s a place of positivity and kindness and every Wellbeville villager spreads it everywhere they go.

Feelings like shyness, anger and worry can be hard for children, but when they open up to someone they trust, they can work through feelings and grow stronger.

Testimonials from

"FairyElle offers a creative and accessible way for parents to open up and deepen a conversation with their children about feelings. With FairyElle's help you can support your child to better understand and speak about their feelings."


Child Psychotherapist


experts, parents and child

What happens

at night?


What is in

the box?

Fairy Elle reversible doll
Story book
Spray bottle

Here's Charlie to 

tell you more

Charlie opens the Fairy Elle box

Positivity blog 

& parenting tips


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