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I'd like Fairy Elle to help my little one to...

She sleeps by day

What parents say

Shoshanna Woods

"Daisy absolutely loves her Fairy Elle, she keeps her safe during the night and she loves in the morning, flipping Fairy Elle to her sleep side so she can have a turn at resting too. It’s definitely helped keep Daisy in her own bed a little more."

Mother to Daisy, age 4

What the experts say

Joanna Fortune. Child Psychotherapist


"FairyElle offers a creative and accessible way for parents to open up and deepen a conversation with their children about feelings. With FairyElle's help you can support your child to better understand and speak about their feelings."

Miriam Keirns. Co-Founder of Soul Space


"Incredibly stunning and meaningful product that will help so many I have no doubt and bring more light into our world. Anything that helps kids and their emotions is NECESSARY and so so wonderful to see."

Fairy Elle asleep sleeping fairy

Fairy Elle is an aid to help parents who want to support their child


Wake me so I can take worries
Create the potion, sign the promise and leave a note

Potion bottle
Story book

In a magical world anything can happen and dreams can comes true.

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