I'm Therese, a mother of four from Dublin. Fairy Elle came about when I made up bedtime stories that helped my kids before nodding off. I'd bring issues of the day into the story and Fairy Elle would secretly work through the night to combat those issues. Noticing how this helped with their issues and worries I realised the power of Fairy Elle, so developed her into a toy.


Since launching in late 2019 I have been blown away by the gratitude from parents. From them telling me that their child no longer has nightmares to not waking through the night, right through to heart-breaking stories of Fairy Elle being brought to surgery, and more. Parents have used her in the most creative ways to help with whatever issues their little ones had. I've had nurses and teachers buy them for patients and students and Fairy Elle even arrived from a newborn baby sister.

Every story warms my heart and makes me love what I do even more. We support Irish Charity, To Children with Love, so thank you from me and them. I hope this little fairy tradition helps your little one feel stronger too. Please get in touch at hellofairyelle@gmail.com or check out our Instagram @fairyelle.ie

Therese x