A magical world is a place where anything can happen and dreams can comes true.


When little ones have worries or get anxious there is nothing more important than love and support. Fairy Elle is designed so that she's not always present, ie, she goes to sleep. And as children know when someone is asleep they're not available to comfort them. But as soon as Fairy Elle is awake, she is there to support.


Children are encouraged to open up about anything that is on their minds by leaving her a note. Writing and talking about issues is a great way to think about and work out solutions to problems. By taking ownership of problems and coming up with solutions a feeling of calm descends and confidence builds. 


We encourage parents to be as creative as they want but most importantly teach children that everyone worries. Worrying helps us work out how best to live our lives. So talk about worries and come up with positive solutions to overcome them so they don't get out of control. If children learn this simple lesson when they are small, it's an amazing life lesson that will stand to them as they grow and be able to face issues and come up with solutions so they can live their very best lives.