What are the ingredients for the magic potion?

1. a piece of FairyElle's hair 2. a tiny piece of your hair 3.12 grains of rice 4. a pebble or a petal 5. water 6. a hug from someone who loves you FairyElle also recommends putting in your favourite smell, but it's not necessary for the magic to work.

What do I do before bedtime?

Spray the magic sleep spray in your room, close your eyes and say Voilla Bam! Allakazoom! Get a really big hug. Be patient and slowly the magic will help you fall asleep. As soon as you fall asleep, FairyElle will wake and check all around your home, making sure you are safe all night. In the morning put FairyElle back to sleep so she can rest before the next night of keeping you safe.

FairyElle was still asleep when I woke up, did she not wake last night?

Don't worry if FairyElle happens to already be asleep when you awaken in the morning. Be asured that she was awake all night and she quickly went to sleep as she noticed you starting to wake up.

Can I play with FairyElle or bring her out of the house?

Yes, FairyElles loves to be played with and it's a good idea to bring her to new places, sleepovers and even on holidays. But when you're not playing with her, let her sleep so she's ready for a busy night of magic the following night.

What should I write in my note to FairyElle

You can write anything that's on your mind. Let her know how you feel so she can offer support and advice and help you overcome problems and fears. If she doesn't write back it's because she was busy checking every corner in your home and she'll hopefully get a chance to write to you soon.

How often should I make a new potion?

You don't need to make a new potion every night. Every couple of nights should be fine.

Dear FairyElle, please help me

When ever you have a worry, talking about it helps. Tell Fairy Elle so she can help you feel better and write your worry down. If you think of a way that might help you write that too. When Fairy Elle gets time, some times she writes back.