A child's best friend

Have you ever known a child growing up to love a particular toy? It becomes a huge part of their lives and their toy can take on a lifelikness, one who they develop a lovely bond with. And because of the comfort they feel, many children even bring that toy to adulthood. Many of you will know other adults like this and how they still hold that relationship close in their hearts.

Having an attachment to a special toy can be useful to help children feel secure. Their toy plays an important role; and those familiar smells and soft fabrics in the absence of a parent can be particularly reassuring and comforting.

Not that we recommend Fairy Elle replaces any parent 😉, however with her magical properties and sprinkling positivity, we can be sure lots of adults of the future; in the same way Mr Bean's ’Teddy’ is his best friend; Fairy Elle will still hold a very special place in the hearts of the grown up kids of the future. 💕

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