A dog is for life - or is it?

For forever my kids have wanted a dog. They've begged me daily since the day could talk. The reasons for not getting a dog are numerous "I'll have to walk it - even if it's raining." "WE have 3 cats.""I'll have to pick up the poop." "I'll have to clean the house, even more that I do." "It'll be on the bed." so rather than sound like a broken record any longer the last time they asked I said "OK then, let's get one."

But before you think I'm nothing but a softie, this dog would only be on loan, as a test. There is a website (a bit like airbnb, but for dogs) so we signed up and that Saturday two gorgeous little 7 and 9 month old puppies, Stella and Carlos arrived and we all fell instantly in love. The kids played and played with them and that night snuggled them in to their beds, making them feel loved, welcome and at home. The following morning and every morning that week, who was it who was up early for a walk down by the river before getting the kids up out of bed for school... yes, of course, whoever you guessed, it wasn't them. And who had to pick up the poop?... Right again, definitely not them. The house needed more cleaning too with two messy pups and cleaning is not an activity my kids volunteer for. So when they asked if they could get their own dog now, I pointed out how they'd all failed miserably and perhaps if they'd earned an A and not an F would I have considered it. Of course, as I am a sucker for my kids (and cute things) I decided to let them try again. This time getting a lovely little terrier called Cookie. She bounced into the garden the following weekend, licking all our faces and we all fell in love once again. She fit right in with the family and was very sweet. This time round we decided to try introduce her slowly to the cats. The cats had not been fans of Stella and Carlos and although they weren't happy about Cookie, they were less afraid.

So did they pass the test this time round? Again no, it was another F I'm afraid. Kids are oblivious of the time that goes into taking care of a dog. Personally I don't have the interest to give up my time for one, so well have to park the idea until perhaps when the kids are teenagers. They'll have matured a little and be more responsible too. So for now, experiment done and the next time they ask if they can get a dog, they can't say "But we promise, we'll do it", when I give them all the reasons and say "NO"!

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