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Updated: Nov 20, 2020

When my eldest son was small an issue arose that got him into trouble. It was a long time ago now but I still haven't forgotten the guilt because I didn't know something was going on. Had I known, the situation could have been avoided. Unfortunately the issue never came up in conversation and therefore I never got to help him with the problem.

I don't think 'worry toys' had come to the market back then, but these days there are several on the market to help children open up about worries. One such toy is a worry monster. The child writes down their worry and the monster chews it up. The Irish Fairy Door's worry plaque is popular too. And Fairy Elle, the reversible doll who wakes up to help children feel positive. All of these toys have one aim - to help children feel more secure. It's a really useful way for parents too to understand what's going on in their child's lives and a useful way to start conversations. If only they'd been on the market back in 2000s, but parents can only do their best, and now these popular parent / children aids are available and are helping children address their concerns at an earlier stage.

Ivy Murphy with Fairy Elle

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