Do fairies sleep during the day?

Google it and this is what you'll find 🧚‍♀️⁠

Fairies sleep all day in their nice quiet house while you are at school so they are ready for night time and all the work and play they do like blowing away bad dream breezes, collecting teeth, decorating their homes, dancing with each other, reading, taking grasshopper rides, and writing letters. 🌟⁠

In Wellbeville where Fairy Elle is from all the fairies, elves and wizards sleep by day. At night they wake up and are busy little creatures, caring for each other and having fun. Sleep is important to the Wellbeville villagers as it helps with their magical powers.

So ask your child to let Fairy Elle sleep by day so she is well reseted for a busy night. Fairy Elle cares for your child's mental health and promotes positivity. If your child worries, Fairy Elle will take those worries and turn them into stars at night.

Fairy Elle often writes to children too to help them understand their thoughts and help with anything that might be on their minds.

So if you remember, turn Fairy Elle over in the morning so she can sleep while you're getting on with your busy day ☺️

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