Encourage shy children to open up

Being shy can have many benefits as shyness makes a person more likely to think before doing things and often shy people are trusted more.

However shyness can be debilitating. If shyness is stopping a person from doing what they would like or getting in the way of life in any way, it needs to be addresses. Shyness is a behaviour that has developed due to years of conditioning. Genetics can make people more prone to being shy or it can also be a learned behaviour perhaps because of being told to behave a certain way. However, if your child is shy, it’s time to try to break the habit as young as possible. Here’s why…

- Shy people suffer from anxiety more

- Shy people often avoid social gatherings or other fun activities

- Shy people can find it more difficult to communicate

It’s easy to ignore shyness and some adults can make it worse by saying things like “S/he’s just shy’ when talking to others about their child, which can make a child feel worse and exacerbate the issue. The most important first step is to talk to your child and tell them you’re going to help them. It’s so important to let them know you’ll keep this conversation confidential. Devise a strategy from the list below and before you know it your child will be on the road to a more confident future. 💕

1. Act confidently / both you and them

2. Try new things

3. Talk (in confidence) about feeling shy

4. Practice confident body language

5. Be aware of what you’ll do next time

6. Be relaxed

7. Smile

8. Don’t label your child as shy

If you’ve a young child Fairy Elle can also help. Your child can tell her how they feel and she can write notes of encouragement or track their progress back. There are also many books about building confident, so make that plan and as you watch your child blossom into a mature confident teenager and adult you’ll be so glad you helped them when they were young. 💕

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