Playdates - do they matter

Updated: Nov 20, 2020

How exciting is first day of school! Parents are excited for their children meeting those friends they'll spend the next 8 years+ with. Even some of whom they'll make lifelong friendships with. But friendships, they can be tricky.

To help their children, most parents arrange playdates and our house was no different - my house looked like a creche most Friday evenings. And as much as I loved it, it was stressful and messy. Most other parent's houses took their turn on being messy too!

It wasn't all plain sailing with friendships. However from every arguement kids learn so much from how. Just imagine everyone is lovely in childhood - then you suddenly get thrown out into the big bad world. It's like learning a language. As a small child, you don't think you're learning to deal with a situation, you just deal with it. So next time you avoid that 'difficult' child you might think twice. Obviously no-one wants an upset child, but think about the life lessons that could be learned from another child's behaviour. And who knows, like my girls, they may just grow up to be each other's best friends forever.

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