Praise for Fairy Elle Worry Doll

Parents are praising the new anxiety-relieving soft doll Fairy Elle who takes worries as children sleep. "Fairy Elle is a high end doll, but so well worth the €32 if it helps your child" says Ellen Kennedy, parent of Suzi, aged 5.

When children have worries it's very difficult for the parents as they will do anything to help their child. One of the founder's own children in particular suffered from anxiety and was determined to be able to manage the problem herself. She considered professional help, but believed in the power of love and support... and a tiny sprinkle of magic too.

There's so much with Fairy Elle. She's a reversible doll, who sleeps during the day and at night the child turns her over to wake her up. The child writes their worry on the notepad and when they're asleep, Fairy Elle turns them into stars. There's also a magic spray bottle so the child can make a potion. It also comes with a book and a certificate that both child and Fairy Elle must sign.

In the morning kids worries are usually not as bad as at night and they feel more positive and refreshed. They then take Fairy Elle and turn her over so she can now sleep for the day. "My child is learning to take responsibility of her little worries" wrote one mother to the Fairy Elle instagram account while also adding "By writing down the worry, it's amazing for both me and my little girl. It helps me to understand what is going on in her mind. She also seems calmer after talking and writing to Fairy Elle."

Another mother wrote "My little girl gets agitated, but when she writes to Fairy Elle it's like a weight is lifted, she's a lovely comfort for her. Every small child should have one."

Fairy Elle's instagram account gets so many lovely messages about how she is helping children. "I'm blown away by the positivity from parents who have embraced Fairy Elle. She started off as a bedtime story of a fairy Godmother who would help my kids. We then developed her into a toy when I realised my kids were more relaxed going to bed after her stories. It's really heart-warming to hear so many gorgeous stories of how Fairy Elle helps other kids now too. I even had a woman ring me the other day to thank me and ordered a 2nd one, just in case the 1st one ever went missing." Therese, founder of Fairy Elle.

With anxiety on the rise, especially with the ongoing pandemic, it's so important that we as parents do what we can to help our children. Sometimes all they need is be removed from certain situations and delve into a magical world. When children believe in themselves, anything is possible. Magic is a great way to develop small children's imagination and help too with creativity. Being all about positivity and kindness, Fairy Elle is one of those very special gifts that a child will cherish for their childhood. Concept and creation by Irish mother of four Therese Wright and on sale online for €32 -

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