Teach kids to just do it

Can you imagine how penguins standing at the water’s edge feel before they jump as they anticipate that unbearable cold. However they know they if they don’t, they’ll go hungry, so they don’t overthink it and just do it!

How many times in our lives can we say we’ve had that same feeling; not wanting to do something, but know we really should. Think of the times we backed out because of excuses, like neves or afraid of what others might think or feeling lazy, but now looking back we realise that we missed out.

This is life. We’re living it right now and if we don’t make the most of it, whatever our circumstances, pandemic or no pandemic, we won’t get another chance. Teach kids to be positive and brave and think too about the next time you hesitate, try not to over think it and as the Nike slogan goes, #JustDoIt!










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